First looks at the Samsung Galaxy Fold are equal parts awe, surprise, and crease concerns

April 16, 2019

Update 2:30pm EST: Added more reactions to the Galaxy Fold.

In less than two weeks time, you’ll be able to walk into an AT&T store and buy a Galaxy Fold for the eye-popping price of $1,980, or $66 a month for the next 30 months. And now we know a little more about what you’re going to get for your money—and it might be hard for some people to look past that crease.

Samsung has allowed a cadre of journalists exclusive access to the Galaxy Fold, and the impressions were fairly unanimous: The Galaxy Fold is certainly cool but not without its flaws. Journalists walked away impressed with the device as a first-generation product, with TechCrunch’s Brian Heater calling it “a pretty solid first take at a new smartphone paradigm” and Jessica Dolcourt of CNET saying the Fold “feels solid and surprisingly premium.” 

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