Google thankfully bans Android phones with three notches or other exotic configurations

July 31, 2018

In case you haven’t noticed, notches are having a moment. Ever since Apple validated the camera cutout with the iPhone X, Android phones great and small have been rushing to out their own spin on the dubious design tactic, with no less than 16 phones going all in on cutouts. Basically, it’s the new Coke of Android screens.

And it’s about to get Google’s official blessing. Aside from the rumors that the Pixel 3 XL will have a giant cutout for dual cameras at the top of the screen, the upcoming Android P update will usher in full notch support as well, so developers can ensure their apps won’t be truncated or otherwise diminished by varying degrees of blank space. But before Android manufacturers start getting into a razor blade-like war of oneupmanship—”You did two notches? We’ll do three!”—Google is laying down some ground rules.

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